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I really wish Microsoft hadn’t so badly bungled and rage quit Windows Phone. It was a good OS, actually, and the market sorely needs a third big box option.

I had a big-enough-to-use-but-weird-size piece of black Aida, and this @dasharez0ne tribute #crossStitch piece materialized. This is yet another #workInProgress that I have zero plans for once it's finished 😅

omg i just realized that leica camera actually means "leitz camera camera" lol

carbon emissions, and humans utterly failing at reducing them

So the IETF, the people who handle internet standards and stuff, are thinking about how to offset the carbon emissions from people flying to their meetings.

It'd be really neat if the *Internet* Engineering Task Force had some sort of thing to communicate without flying to other places. Like, a global communication network of some sort. Someone should go build that.

poetry is when
you add line

and the more lines you
the more
it is

this good boy is still zonked from his teeth cleaning and extraction yesterday but he sat in my lap twice and has a great appetite. he's asleep rn but im sure he's gonna be yelling for dinner soon enough

we put out this blanket for him because he was insistent about being near his food bowl...poor guy missed two meals yesterday and he was ravenous, even jumping up onto the kitchen counter last night looking for food!!

I will defeat Stuart Little and his woke agenda

update: the boy is back!!!!! he is high as balls and starving since he hasn't had any food all day. we get to pill him later today and every 12 hours for the next few days ughhhh fun

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trying to look on the bright side...we've been putting off this operation for a while and it'll be good for his long-term health and wellbeing (which we have otherwise fairly sorted at this point)

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kitty is at the vet getting his teeth cleaned/maybe some extracted (under sedation)

im so stressed out rn

we've been told we won't hear anything until 2 or 3 pm


psst web3 is not inevitable

there are so many other ways to create a just, verdant internet without wasteful, inefficient blockchain mumbo jumbo

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