Linux drive permissions weirdness is making setting up a Plex server way harder than it needs to be.

I just want it on my Pi 4!!!!!! Why can't I see what's inside my external drive that Raspian can clearly mount!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!

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Like, the drive is mounted. It's a format Raspbian knows and can read. Plex has the same user as the system so it should have permission to go inside the driver's folder structure. AND YET IT CAN'T.

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you might have to use fstab to mount the drive, and recursively chown the mount location to the user:group that the plexmediaserver service runs as (usually plex:plex). that won't work on a FAT32, EXFAT, or NTFS formatted drive, though. only natively supported filesystems like EXT4 and btrfs.


@FrankTheCat I did some version of this thanks to instructions on the Plex support pages (it's an exfat drive) but it was way more than I expected, and required some trial-and-error. Getting the web interface up and running is a snap...why isn't drive management?? It's 2019 for pete's sake!!

@bnys exfat support under linux is weird, and I think that still uses FUSE instead of a kernel module, which is probably where your permission issues is coming from. you might be better off formatting the drive as EXT4 and copying over files using SSH and SCP...

@FrankTheCat yeah that's not a bad idea but my library is p. big and I just wanted to run a quick test to see how the Pi would perform without waiting for files to transfer.

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