Idk if this is bigoted but I cannot abide by conservative thought any longer. I’m all for a good argument but the arguments are no longer in good faith. conservatism has no morality as it exists to convert suffering into concentrated wealth. someone always has to suffer or deserves to suffer somewhere in society and that is not acceptable to me any longer.

@bnys conservative thought stems from fear and the inability to comprehend the consequences of your actions and how that might impact other people. it's frankly astonishing how many people with otherwise strong ethics refuse to think about how they're affecting other people beyond their immediate social circle.

@bnys my partner, brother-in-law, and I have been working on my father-in-law in this regard, and I think it just comes down to him not being able to cope with thinking beyond what he can see... if that makes sense. he's not unintelligent, unarticulate, or morally reprehensible, he just can't handle thinking about things he knows are selfish or backward affect others without breaking down emotionally.

@bnys it's incredible seeing him admit opinions he has are wrong and he doesn't have a good reason why he believes them, e.g. any left-leaning sports related boycots or protests, or people disrespecting the US flag. I hope we can at least center him, but what about all the millions of other people without support like that? 😩

@FrankTheCat thank you for the insight. I think what you’re doing is super important actually

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