@bnys i remember when the whole RISC IS THE FUTURE was a thing then apple left powerpc

@frickhaditcoming @bnys and then apple left Intel and it was the future again, I swear reality needs to fire the writers


Years later we get RISC-V

Also, note that just about every modern computer architecture other than x86 calls itself RISC. x86 is the only one left that advertises itself as CISC.


In fact there hasn't been a new serious CISC design in decades. RISC more or less won, or did it?

They keep adding more and more new register/instruction sets to the point where can you really call ARM RISC still?

@bnys Cheesus isn't that new laptop I saw on Youtube! I loved it!!! :rooHappy: show me moreeee
@bnys ohw yes that's the name! Wow you have two! I will buy one of those in a couple of years. That's just the most perfect laptop I have ever seen.
@bnys my favorite thing about this line is the fact that in the original film it was set as the characters looked at a pentium 2 laptop
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