Today at the makerspace we were discussing The Things We Lost W/R/T the development of computing.

We talked about the Cannon Cat, we talked about Hypercard, we talked about the ST and the Amiga.

One topic that came up towards the tail end of the discussion that is near and dear to me is Sugar, the DE designed along side the OLPC project.

It was a radically different approach to computing, and could have been a strong step towards a more Humane future for computers.

@ajroach42 The way Intel and Microsoft set out to destroy the OLPC is one of their evils which doesn't get remembered enough.


@mathew @ajroach42 there was enough sabotage from inside olpc.... highly recommend "the charisma machine" if you want to learn how misguided the project was as a whole

@mathew @ajroach42 not saying it was without any merit but the idea and reality were far, far out of sync and the leaders of the project seemingly did not care much...they had way more work to do if they were going to make olpc truly inclusive instead of being a kind of technocolonial pursuit.

@bnys @mathew oh sure. It was a deeply flawed project, but it could have become something worthwhile if they hadn't been so aggressively target by MS.

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