update on my accidental 2011 macbook pro...

I'm torn between upgrading the logic board to a more reliable 2012 board ($160, slight mod to display cable, + cost of new RAM)

...repasting and riding out the 2011 board until it inevitably breaks due to dGPU failure (cost of my own labor, new parts after it dies)

could also send in the machine to dosdude1 to get the dGPU deactivated and extend the life of the board ($60 + ~$40 s&h)

update: i bit the bullet and went for the 2012 2.3 ghz logic board. hoping the 2011 slightly slower ram will work in the 2012 board

I always kind of regretted selling my 2012 in like 2016 so this is just getting it back but this time I get to build it myself haha

so my tasks are:
repaste cpu/gpu
remove 2011 board
modify display cable to fit the 2012 board
install ssd
install new battery
internet restore macos

installed new battery
installed ssd
stuck on new feet
repasted cpu/gpu
removed 2011logic board
installed 2012 logic board
no display cable mod required although it was a little tight

ran internet recovery and installed macos catalina...runs great!

16 GB RAM kit is coming next week

I basically built a new macbook pro 15 with antiglare high res display! woooo!!!

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