for real, firefox needs to up its performance on low-end arm hardware. chromium is a much nicer place to be, but i want to support mozilla (despite its shenanigans) because it's the only thing standing between us and a browser engine monoculture

@bnys AFAIK the effort to make Blink that fast required a huge refactoring of the codebase and I distinctly remember that my first thought when I was reading the dev team's blog post was "there is no way other browser engine projects will have the resources to do this any time soon".
I'd love to be wrong though.

Tbh websites should not be so fucking bloated, but I recognize that that's not really what wants to hear when they need to use their bank's bloated web app. :sadlinux:

@csepp @bnys beep boop

firefox's speed is at this point partially tied to how well mesa supports the specific graphics hardware in a given device.

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