alright i got a thinkpad x270 for cheap. i wanted something to upgrade. my other computers are a bit much to lug so it's gonna be my travel compy. it has computrace on, so i installed ubuntu so that it wouldnt be an issue.

noticing some glitchiness with the trackpoint and its buttons.

i was able to get the fingerprint reader working for log-on

installed tlp for the battery

anyone have recommendations for bits of software that can improve the thinkpad experience w/ubuntu?

@bnys wait there's a finger print reader on the X270??

@bnys oh hey, same ThinkPad! Mine is running 22.04, but I haven't experienced the glitchiness you're describing.

@maxeddy interesting!! on mine the trackpoint buttons seem to get "stuck" which is frustrating. The buttons are clean and work fine, no debris in them so it seems like a software quirk. Also on 22.04, latest BIOS. For now, I'm using the trackpad just since it's more reliable although scrolling sucks.

@bnys I haven't had to install many utility-type programs on my old T420 (running Pop!OS), but I have had luck using Vivaldi as browser, Quod Libet for music, Flameshot for screencaps, and Okular for an ebook reader. Other alternatives to those felt laggy/glitchy, but YMMV.

If you need to partition, Gparted is good. Eddy is a good installer.

@bnys TLP is the critical one, strong recommend that you set its charging thresholds, as it'll keep the battery from wearing out prematurely. I have mine set to start charging at 60% and stop at 90%, which trades a bit of short-term capacity for long-term longevity.

Also recommend powertop (lol at the name), running `sudo powertip --auto-tune` will set a bunch of things to give you best battery life.

X270 is a fine machine, I hope you enjoy it!

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