if you don't mind intel, there are smokin' deals on 6th/7th/8th gen enterprise notebooks. the thinkpad x270 I recently procured cost less than a hundred bucks and only needed a battery and m.2 ssd. great shape. runs quick.

@bnys I have an old ThinkPad that I got used for really cheap many years ago that I'm still using nowadays as a Linux notebook. ThinkPads are such well engineered machines.

@mookie this is my first one but it's a model I've always loved and now it's running Ubuntu well enough for travel and couch duty. I might upgrade it further at some point but for now with 8 GB RAM and a SATA SSD it's awesome. 6+ hrs battery life. IPS screen. Nice keyboard. Super happy.

@bnys The real question is: Do you use the red nubbing or not? :)

@mookie yeah sometimes! that's one of my only issues so far...sometimes those trackpoint buttons act funky like they're stuck. otherwise i've been using the touchpad, although admittedly the scrolling on it is not good

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