Stock-look barcode label on the back of my first modded AGB-001

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New screen lens for my early Pocket (no LED lenses are hard to find!)

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New serial label to clean up my GBC with a BennVenn Aioli screen inside...

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Reverted a backlit GBC to stock screen configuration with a new aftermarket shell from ExtremeRate...more a showpiece than anything. JDM serial no label style on back.

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Did some projects yesterday! AGB-001 to IPS in a new retrosix shell... with a new USB-C rechargeable LiPo battery. (totally reversible btw)

Welp it just hangs here...can’t do anything at the initramfs prompt. Guess I’m in over my head.

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right out of the box from japan, this dude had a bum d-pad but otherwise looked fine. disassembly and cleaning the contacts did the trick! fully working now

wow swancrystal had way worse battery life than the original wonderswan

TIL: Yo! Noid on the NES was redone for Japan as "Masked Ninja Hanamaru"...I'm calling this a reverse Doki Doki Panic!

Bill Wurtz nailed 2020 in 2018..."I'm Having a Bad Day, That's turning into a bad year. All the things I'm supposed to do...and the places I'm supposed to go...are CANCELLED"

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