ehhhhhhhh idk if I like this or not...was an impulse buy

Bored so I’m gonna take this dudes shell off and give it a good scrubby scrub

Got a dead Wonderswan here. Had corroded battery tray so I cleaned it out. Cleaned the board too. Still no signs of life. Any tips?

UPDATE!!!!!!!! Removed the corroded power switch, bridged the contacts with a wire and IT WORKS!!!!!!

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Welp I flew too close to the sun. Corroded GBA cleaned up nicely but the power switch was messed up and I broke it trying to degunk it.

Bought a second shell with this latest round of prepared to make an @mntmn Game Boy Advance Reform 🤣

Funny Playing GBA IPS V2 bottom, Handheld Legend no-name IPS kit top. The no name kit looks warmer, is dimmer (I’m using it at default brightness and did not solder the control pads up)

New screen lens for my early Pocket (no LED lenses are hard to find!)

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Reverted a backlit GBC to stock screen configuration with a new aftermarket shell from ExtremeRate...more a showpiece than anything. JDM serial no label style on back.

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Did some projects yesterday! AGB-001 to IPS in a new retrosix shell... with a new USB-C rechargeable LiPo battery. (totally reversible btw)

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