this good boy is still zonked from his teeth cleaning and extraction yesterday but he sat in my lap twice and has a great appetite. he's asleep rn but im sure he's gonna be yelling for dinner soon enough

we put out this blanket for him because he was insistent about being near his food bowl...poor guy missed two meals yesterday and he was ravenous, even jumping up onto the kitchen counter last night looking for food!!

they dont make faces like this's three photos of deforest kelley and i cannot describe what he looks like for the life of me sorry

me @ my 15-inch 2012 trashbook pro:

fuck it, we're doing two internal drives

yeahhhhhhhh maybe it's best if simple devices are kept simple?????

just saw this incredible robin williams drip on bird site and had to share

either this is only a little cursed or im getting used to freaky usb-c pd adapters

inherited a freak pod that’s a 5g shoved inside a classic case, as well as a 1.5g! The collection grows…

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