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installed new battery
installed ssd
stuck on new feet
repasted cpu/gpu
removed 2011logic board
installed 2012 logic board
no display cable mod required although it was a little tight

ran internet recovery and installed macos catalina...runs great!

16 GB RAM kit is coming next week

I basically built a new macbook pro 15 with antiglare high res display! woooo!!!

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so weird that there's new chips coming but very little info on the pro machine replacements

this is the same cat in 2019 and 2022. he was abandoned by our terrible neighbors who stopped feeding him. ended up living on our porch where we fed him. he was underweight, had an ear infection, and fur loss from fleas. we took him in and got him healthy and clean!!!

holy moly why does nobody talk about vaio?????? you can still get a compact notebook (12-inch class) that's made in japan!!! it comes in colors, too!!

you've heard of windows on arm well this is strongarm on windows

the effort wasted to get google senpai to notice websites is insane

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