Here's an intriguing poster I spotted today.

(Sorry for the reflections.)

@klardotsh I'm also recovering from a bout of the 'Vid. I had a fever for like four days! I'm congested still but I reckon my 3x shots helped as well. Definitely take it easy! I've still been feeling a bit tired and still congested but recovering quickly.

@klardotsh Here's hoping you and your Reform make a full recovery soon!!

snatcher appreciation post!!!

in 1988 hideo kojima wrote and directed a cyberpunk visual novel called "snatcher"

i'm currently playing the english sega cd port on my 3DS via an emulator and it's just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

it literally opens up with a dedication in the intro that says "this story is dedicated to all those cyberpunks who fight against injustice and corruption every day of their lives"

the graphics are gorgeous, the world-building is top-notch, i can't wait to see where it goes next

@mookie yeah sometimes! that's one of my only issues so far...sometimes those trackpoint buttons act funky like they're stuck. otherwise i've been using the touchpad, although admittedly the scrolling on it is not good

@mookie this is my first one but it's a model I've always loved and now it's running Ubuntu well enough for travel and couch duty. I might upgrade it further at some point but for now with 8 GB RAM and a SATA SSD it's awesome. 6+ hrs battery life. IPS screen. Nice keyboard. Super happy.

if you don't mind intel, there are smokin' deals on 6th/7th/8th gen enterprise notebooks. the thinkpad x270 I recently procured cost less than a hundred bucks and only needed a battery and m.2 ssd. great shape. runs quick.

I think it is time for #translucent tech to do a come back. Don't you think?

sometimes an idea hits you and you gotta get it out, whether its good or not

@maxeddy interesting!! on mine the trackpoint buttons seem to get "stuck" which is frustrating. The buttons are clean and work fine, no debris in them so it seems like a software quirk. Also on 22.04, latest BIOS. For now, I'm using the trackpad just since it's more reliable although scrolling sucks.

many people think "Orinoco Flow" is titled "Sail Away". But these people are incorrect. It's called "Orinoco Flow"

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alright i got a thinkpad x270 for cheap. i wanted something to upgrade. my other computers are a bit much to lug so it's gonna be my travel compy. it has computrace on, so i installed ubuntu so that it wouldnt be an issue.

noticing some glitchiness with the trackpoint and its buttons.

i was able to get the fingerprint reader working for log-on

installed tlp for the battery

anyone have recommendations for bits of software that can improve the thinkpad experience w/ubuntu?

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