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We are the Canadian Borg. Resistance is… impolite. We apologize for the processing delay.

Just thinking about the vocal performances in Coco

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Hey would anyone want some single board computers I’ve got kicking around? I have 2 Pi 3s and 2 CHIPs that I’d gladly donate for the price of shipping.

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The Fry’s in San Jose is suuuuuuuuuper depressing, y’all. I thought the one in Campbell was bad but nope! This one is worse!!

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This is the ideal computer body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Like, the drive is mounted. It's a format Raspbian knows and can read. Plex has the same user as the system so it should have permission to go inside the driver's folder structure. AND YET IT CAN'T.

I just want it on my Pi 4!!!!!! Why can't I see what's inside my external drive that Raspian can clearly mount!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!

Linux drive permissions weirdness is making setting up a Plex server way harder than it needs to be.

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Why libraries are the greatest places on earth:

- books
- free!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- quiet, so quiet, so peaceful is heaven
- people leave you alone
- also movies and computers and things
- staff literally know everything and want you to know everything thanks
- you can stay the whole time they're open and not have to pay anything at all
- you can get lost in the big ones and that's cool
- mmm smells of wisdom

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1989: Flying cars, coming soon!
2019: Here’s a computer you can keep in your pocket that makes you depressed.

Can we get union-mandated tea breaks here in the states? I think that would be good for a lot of people here.

At the heart of this issue is the unwillingness to pay for the real cost of labor. We need to eliminate tips and pay workers what they are worth.

For real, we've seen this guy's real colors so even this is a win, they're gonna keep finding ways to screw over labor. Don't use DoorDash.

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