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Fun fact: Early Game Boy Pockets have glued-in screen covers like the original DMG Game Boys. What I thought was gross crud from a kid in the seam between the case and the plastic screen cover was in fact, long-expired glue from Japan that had turned yellow! So, I was unable to salvage the original screen cover, and have replacements on order... Later Pockets seem to use adhesive tape like the GB Color and Advance.

Damn snapd on Rpi4 64-bit is sloooowwwwwwwwwwwwww

Welp it just hangs here...can’t do anything at the initramfs prompt. Guess I’m in over my head.

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Looking back it sure seems like the convenience of new techy shit was greatly overestimated. Cord cutting is a waste of time and money, even if it frees us from commercials. Ride hail/share is a loser of a business that just replaced unionized cab companies. Food delivery already existed if you knew who to call, so those companies really just let you avoid making a phone call.

Today’s further adventures in RPi 4...I have 64-bit Ubuntu booted from a USB SSD...found some instructions on how to get Mate going with some special sauce optimizations. Was intimidated at first but hope I can get it running!

right out of the box from japan, this dude had a bum d-pad but otherwise looked fine. disassembly and cleaning the contacts did the trick! fully working now

might fuck around and encode a blu-ray using handbrake on a raspberry pi using the new 64-bit os

wow swancrystal had way worse battery life than the original wonderswan

*kicking and punching stuff in my room* Bring them back BRING BACK PURPLE COMPUTERS!!!

In his latest video, my 13-year-old nephew refers to the PlayStation Vita as a "vintage game console," so if you're wondering why I've shriveled up and crumbled to dust, that's why

Posting is the enemy because it turns thoughts Iike "I'm glad it's sprinkling today, I appreciate cool, cloudy, summer afternoons" into shit like "the gloomy day appreciator has LOGGED the FUCK on"

Ditching x86, Apple Starts An ARM Race

At its annual World Wide Developer Conference, Apple dropped many jaws when announcing that their Mac line will be switching away from Intel processors before the year is out. Intel’s x86 architecture is the third …

Original tweet :

finally installed pihole so here goes nothin

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