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Got a dead Wonderswan here. Had corroded battery tray so I cleaned it out. Cleaned the board too. Still no signs of life. Any tips?

On one hand the rumors of an ARM sale to Nvidia bum me out. But on the other hand I know that would probably accelerate the growth of a more diverse RISC-V ecosystem.

Idk if this is bigoted but I cannot abide by conservative thought any longer. I’m all for a good argument but the arguments are no longer in good faith. conservatism has no morality as it exists to convert suffering into concentrated wealth. someone always has to suffer or deserves to suffer somewhere in society and that is not acceptable to me any longer.

Sailfish OS didn’t like my SD card so I’m putting it straight on the eMMC

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Last level of Tetris Effect is kicking my hieney omfg I gotta clear 90 rows!?

Finally got some flux and solder wick and woah even with a bad iron this ups my soldering game big time.

Getting caught up on the Intel news and this is actually huge. They might use other fabs!? This was unthinkable even 3 years ago.

tbh slack has no right to kvetch about ms teams as antitrust. office has had a chat component for decades now. they just built a not-shitty business chat. whoop-de-doo.

UPDATE!!!!!!!! Removed the corroded power switch, bridged the contacts with a wire and IT WORKS!!!!!!

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Welp I flew too close to the sun. Corroded GBA cleaned up nicely but the power switch was messed up and I broke it trying to degunk it.

Bought a second shell with this latest round of prepared to make an @mntmn Game Boy Advance Reform 🤣

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