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Got to watch new Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Crown tonight. And play with my lovely kitty dude. Good night!

Very weird that Apple doesn’t want us to know the M1 has a heat spreader. In the same presentation they show the die shot of the chip and also this fake rendering of the thing in situ on a logic board. But now we know what it looks like...

this is the ideal male body. you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

life update: with any luck we’re gonna bring this little dude home. he’s a sweet neighbor stray who we’ve been feeding. he’s being fixed rn and then we will adopt him!!

Ok I bought the goddamn Ncase M1 and mostly because I can’t be bothered to buy an SFX power supply but still want a tiny desktop I can actually put on my damn desk

Is this anything?? Matte rubberized buttons cc/

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Bored so I’m gonna take this dudes shell off and give it a good scrubby scrub

Yes I know the polarizer on the screen is likely borked but no sounds or anything coming from this dude.

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Got a dead Wonderswan here. Had corroded battery tray so I cleaned it out. Cleaned the board too. Still no signs of life. Any tips?

On one hand the rumors of an ARM sale to Nvidia bum me out. But on the other hand I know that would probably accelerate the growth of a more diverse RISC-V ecosystem.

Idk if this is bigoted but I cannot abide by conservative thought any longer. I’m all for a good argument but the arguments are no longer in good faith. conservatism has no morality as it exists to convert suffering into concentrated wealth. someone always has to suffer or deserves to suffer somewhere in society and that is not acceptable to me any longer.

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