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if i were a math teacher:

ok class gonna need u to pick a number u find aesthetically pleasing, free associate until u feel like u understand the number better, express urself in any medium you work best in

and this assignment is due never

the fire tablet we keep on the fridge set to the weather app died suddenly...3 years of service isn't bad but not great either. anyone have an open source replacement I can tack up? open to LCD or eink, pi-powered is cool

Is the Joycon the butterfly keyboard of controllers????? I thought they were fine, update regularly, had one replaced, but I still seem to have lag and dropped button presses someiTunes.

he seems like a nice enough dude but this is just is terrible what folx have to do to get noticed and make money from yt

I was just reflecting on the last few months...from taking care of a dingy stray to a happy indoor boi. lucky that he adopted us!

Got to watch new Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Crown tonight. And play with my lovely kitty dude. Good night!

Very weird that Apple doesn’t want us to know the M1 has a heat spreader. In the same presentation they show the die shot of the chip and also this fake rendering of the thing in situ on a logic board. But now we know what it looks like...

this is the ideal male body. you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

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