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I brought home an 80 gb 5th gen (think it's 5.5), a 60gb fourth gen color screen, a green 2nd gen mini, and a 40 gb third gen (this is the one that might not be ok but I did get it to boot although it crashed when I tried to play anything...hmm)

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did my own ipod lucky fun dip today...bought four busted pods and I think they're all salvageable!!

fun stuff: VESA mount iMac but onto a random monitor stand! they had a few of these!!

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had a great time at repc today! took the bus and walked over. great location. awesome tech junk.


oops bought an sd card on cyber weekend

guy who helped me was dressed like Cereal Killer from Hackers. He recommended I source an OEM spec charger and…I think he’s right. Replace AC adapter, indeed.

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Picked up this absolute freakshow for a song. 30% off all refurbished PCs this week!!

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Shoutout to the gang at Interconnect in Seattle. Good folx, good compruders, good prices.

here’s what it looks like in a clear shell next to one with the stock board inside

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anyone have an opinion on rascsi vs scsi2sd??? seems like rascsi has a lot more features but would be more challenging to upkeep, while scsi2sd just acts like a drive forever

linkedin has become a worse version of tinder and instagram all rolled into one

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