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Plan9 may just be coming to the MNT Reform thanks to work by cinap_lenrek

#plan9 #9front #mntreform

nobody should let me touch a soldering iron im so bad

From what little I know about #BNPL (buy now pay later) market, it didn’t feel great when #Apple announced it was jumping in with #ApplePay.

Now it feels even less great. While I don’t know Apple’s features or terms (its CC, for ex, doesn’t charge late fees), the market is shady and encourages people to spend more than they usually would. Of course, it nails people with overdraft and late fees.

selective breeding has left the domesticated laptop computer frail and anemic for the sake of appearence. stop buying unhealthy laptop breeds

Hey, we swapped places
And this is crazy
But that's the deal
Run uphill maybe

MNT Reform with beta battery board!!!! this should let it sit for long periods without fully discharging the batteries...

still mourning so many dreams i had to give up because of the pandemic and other shit. it's hard to know what worked out for the best but i'll never know

I've been contacted by a lot of third-party recruiters, and the jobs i express any interest in i never hear back. like they say they're gonna put me forward as a candidate and they never tell me if they picked someone else. way fuckin rude imo

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yeahhhhhh comms for execs no thanks...also weird to drop a dude's first name who isn't the ceo

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got headhunted thrice for the same microsoft temp role lol

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