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linuxworld needs to do better by is almost 2022 get your stuff together, people

Sure seems like ambient computing was overhyped just like everything the press and tech have tried to push on the public post smartphone.

Matrix 4 

Lana Wachowski says fuck Warner Bros, fuck Joel Silver, fuck your nostalgia, and fuck your expectations. Hell yes.

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Matrix 4 

Neo rescues Trinity from Instagram and she proceeds to live her best life.

finally got off my butt and remapped my keyboards...reflashed firmware for both!!!!!!!! i feel like I achieved something today (also this layout is my kind of chaotic...which is up and which is shift??)

MNT Reform usb keyboard “easter egg”…battery monitoring is still in the firmware!

selfie, ec 

met a stone cold legend yesterday. santa fox

hey seattle peeps im selling some HAWT game boys if anyone wants one lemme know...they're on craigslist as well

anybody on fedi using an ipod? i wanna talk to you for a story

trash pod update: two working drives and three working pods. the third gen is a little fussy so I’m waiting to try it with a flash adapter before I call it

iPod update…I think this dude is just not working right. Any time I try to get something going from the hdd it freezes up. Takes forever to boot and needs to be plugged in. Maybe a bad batt? Drive seems to work fine!

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